A good commuter backpack is an obvious part of almost everybody’s everyday life. It depicts your personality and style. And you know, you can rock your attitude when you’re comfortable with it. Which means convenience does matter as well. That’s why you must own the right backpack…….for a convenient day and amazing you.

Well then, How Should You Choose Your Backpack for 2021?

1. What’s the Purpose?

You want a bag for long period. But if it doesn’t fit your purpose you can’t use it longer, can you? There are different backpacks for different purposes. So take the decision first: Why do you want it?

2. Does it Fit Your Purpose?

When you go hiking or picnic, you may want a bag with extra straps for a sleeping bag or jacket. But when you’re taking it to the school, you need something else for your lunch bag. Or maybe your main priority is your tab. So, you must choose the bag that fulfills your baggage purpose. Keep it in mind when you’re looking through the features.

3. What are the Features?

Speaking of features, that’s one important THING to remember! All commuter bags don’t offer the same features. Observe all the features sharply before buying. If your bag is not water-resistant, you know what’ll happen to your laptop in heavy rain.

4. Is it Spacious Enough?

Yeah-ha-ha, space! You want to fit all your books, binders, calculator, pens, snacks and gadgets in the compartments but your bag can fit only two or three things, how are you supposed to use it? Check the storage space before buying.

5. Does it Feature Pockets?

Pockets offer big advantage for accessories. You can easily access to various stuffs through pockets. Pockets are also ideal for holding bottles, shoes and tiny stuffs. Better buy one with pockets.

6. Are the Zippers Durable Enough?

Another MUST-CHECK. Because zippers get damaged quickly. Don’t forget to check if they are abrasion resistant. SBS metal zippers are more preferred.

7. Is the Organizing System Convenient?

Basically people are satisfied with huge space, but large space is better with organizer. You can easily find your stuffs when they are organized.

8. Is the Fabric Durable?

Fabric matters a lot when you’re questioning the quality. Your backpack is not for only carrying your stuffs around. It’s also for protecting them. Choose bags with tear and water resistant fabric. Also keep the cleaning advantage in mind. Because many materials become weak with a rough clean. One most important thing is, check if the bottom panel is strong enough for possible load.

9. What About the Straps?

Straps should relief your stress. So choose those backpacks with adjustable and comfortable, especially padded, straps. Adjustable pads are efficient for shoulder convenience.

10. Other Important Accessories?

When you’re going for a long trail, cycling or hiking; water bladders are beneficial. And sometimes you want to carry a sleeping bag with you. So, you must keep that in mind while buying, does your backpack has features for your extra accessories?

Best Commuter Backpack 2021

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack is definitely a good choice for regular use. Manufactured with Under Armour Storm technology which offers a qualified water-resistant fabric with 81% Polyester/19% Nylon. So, you can easily use it anytime, any season……..even in ever-drizzling London streets.

Heavy load is no longer a matter of panic with friction-resistant bottom panel. The panel is tougher to prevent the tearing problem.

Also, you won’t have to own a laptop bag with this baby rocking your home. Additional laptop sleeve is capable of carrying upto 15″ laptop.

Heatgear shoulder straps will ease your load and sustainable hand grab will make carrying comfortable.

Water Repellent Pockets Ensure Better Security.

best commuter backpack 2021

And no need to stop for a lemonade, when the backpack has two side pockets for your own water bottle.

Laundry pocket is larger and gusseted for laundry convenience.
Grab Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack today and have all your need fulfilled in one bag.

Venture Pal Packable backpacks are specially designed for hiking needs. But also convenient for regular outdoor use. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Backpack is also manufactured for the same purpose.

This folding backpack delivers you a quality backpack with its tear and water resistent fabric. Fold it and use however you like, strong and durable material is ready to accept any kind of pressure for you. Double layered bottom is capable of holding more load than your previous bag. Includes bar tracks for longer duration.

Zip from Your Convenient Side with Two-Way Zipper.

convenient side with two-way zipper

Big space and multi-compartments for long trips and heavy use. One zipped main compartment with two separators which holds things upto 35 liters. Two front and two side pockets for easy snack and water bottle access….and no extra time for finding the toothbrush as well.

Convenient and light. Padded mesh shoulder straps are adjustable and ensure less stress for your shoulder, while chest straps with whistle buckle makes it easy for locking.

The most amazing thing about Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Backpack is the folding advantage: you can fold it into its own pocket to save space and solve storage problem. You can unfold it again when it’s needed.

So, why not have this amazing backpack in your closet? It’ll be a perfect match for your day to day activities, along with bigger journeys.

Straight outta Sweden if I say, Kanken backpacks have been rocking the market since 1978 and if you want something simple but super delightful, then Kanken is your buddy. That’s why Fjallraven Kanken Daypack is perfect bag for regular use, even for big trips.

Carry however you like. Shoulder straps distribute the load on both shoulders equally, since the design was actually for kid. Also comes with a hand lift strap. You can also use this as a laptop bag, but the device should be under 13″ or so.

The fabric is convenient for regular use. The vinylon F material makes the bag water and abrasion resistant. And by each wash the fabric becomes firmer, since the touch of water makes the material’s fiber stiffer.

Not many pockets for bigger space, so you can stash larger stuffs easily.

Comes in Different Colors.

Comes in Different Colors bag

Fjallraven Kanken Daypack is perfect for your school/college days, family picnic, baby’s diaper bag or laptop bag. Mostly intended for children.

Outlander Most Durable Packable Lightweight Backpack is an amazing choice for regular or occasional use. This amazing durable bag is manufactured with water resistant nylon fabric. Includes bar tracks for reinforced stress point. You can zip your bag from both ways with 2-way SBS Metal abrasion resistant zipper.

Amazing storage system! One main compartment with internal zipper pocket. Features two side and two front zipper pockets for your extra stuffs. 33 liters worthy stuffs can be stored.

Convenient and light. Straps are adjustable and of course, don’t feel like a tight rope pressing your skin. The bag folds into its own zipper packet to save you extra baggage charge. And you can unfold the pocket into the bag anytime you like.

Has Lifetime-Warranty.

So you’re getting a durable, light and stylish bag, with folding system and extra pockets. It fits in your everyday routine and compatible with long-way tours as well. Why don’t you give it a try? They have warranty for your baggage convenience.

Speedo is well-known for their athletic accessories and Speedo Large Teamster Backpack is a tremendous addition to their athletic collection.

The backpack is specially designed for swimmers and other serious athletic purposes. But that doesn’t stop you from a regular use. You can carry it wherever you like, whenever you like. Speedo Large Teamster Backpack is compatible for both regular use and occasional trip. Can carry loads upto 35 liters.

For sporting convenience, the backpack is manufactured with sustainable and strong material. It is water resistant. Exterior shell protects the inside from both water and abrasion. The bottom is made water resistant to protect your stuffs.

You can also carry your laptop in it. Speedo Large Teamster Backpack comes with laptop sleeve for your device.

The most exceptional thing is, it has a removable dirt bag to protect your gadgets and keep other important stuffs clean and dry. Also features a bleacher seat.
Speedo Large Teamster Backpack is a perfect daily life companion because of its athletic configuration. Use and feel the change.

You’ll get an amazing bag in a really cheap price when you’re buying a TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack.

Great for heavy load. Huge storage space and plenty of pockets to merge all your necessities in one place. Side mesh pockets and front mesh pocket with bungee storage is enough for your extra stuffs, water bottles and shoes. Organize your stuffs properly in external and internal hood pockets. Has compartment for sleeping bag. Main compartment has padded pockets for water bladder. Holds upto 55 liters of weight.

Super comfortable bag for heavy trips and compatible for all kinds of bodies, ideal for both man and woman. Just adjust the bag’s torso adjustment according to your body. Compression straps are included.

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack is one of the Amazon’s bestselling backpacks. You’re getting a superior travel backpack with amazing features in a really cheap price. So wouldn’t like to use it? Has a limited warranty with a great service. So grab it and get out for an amazing tour. Also capable of regular use.

High Sierra is a trusted brand for quality backpacks. High Sierra Loop Backpack brings you the same experience like their other items.

Whether for regular use or long-way travel, High Sierra Loop Backpack is a great choice indeed. Has great storage features. Multiple compartments and pockets helps you to keep your stuffs well-organized. Mesh side pockets are specially designed for your water bottle.

Features a Special Tablet Sleeve to Carry Your Tablet PC.

And provides your stuffs with extra security. Features multi-pocket organizer with key fob for your essential keys, so no tension for losing them in the pile of other stuffs. The bag has compression straps and adjustable bottom webbing straps for carrying extra stuff like sleeping bag. You can also use the monster hook attached to the backpack for extra gears.
It just doesn’t feature a tab sleeve, also has a media pocket with headphone port.

Don’t worry about the shock of picking the load. The suspension system of shoulder straps will lessen the pressure. So, High Sierra Loop Backpack is a good buddy for your long tour, while those features can come handy in everyday life as well.

Teton’s another splendid addition: TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack
has the potential of becoming your next best friend. Don’t panic seeing the label! Yes, it’s a sports-themed backpack, but actually it’s stylized to make your regular experience more sophisticated and advanced by applying the athletic spirit in a regular backpack. Or that’s what the features show.

Lightweight and convenient design. Three zipper pockets can hold things upto 18 liters, two mesh pouches for extra accessories and can fit two-liter food grade bladder. Foam padded mesh straps and chest shock absorber lighten the stress of load. Fit for all kind of body size, intended for both man and woman. Comes with adjustable straps with stabilizers.

Very hygienic bag indeed. Has weather guard in pockets to take care of your stuffs and food, while the bladder has a wide opening, sealed edges and clean tube.

Includes extra gear holders: Butterfly opening for your sleeping bag or clothing stuff and bungee cord for your helmet.

So, don’t you think, when you’re getting these many advantages in one backpack, it must be your tour companion? Best for cycling and hiking.

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Backpack is famous for having outstanding features with such a simple outlook and unbelievable price range. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Backpack offers you a travel backpack with everyday-useworthy features.

Perfect storage system. It features two compartments and has expansion zipper, which gives you over 10 percent extra space to fit all your accessories in one place.
Polyester has been used for fabric to ensure longevity. And no need for extra laptop bag. Comes with laptop sling for the laptop sized maximum 11.75 x 19.

Surprisingly lightweight. Airmesh straps lessens the load stress. Features travel organizer for assembling your stuffs and also has a fold down shelf. Light and simple backpack- easy to use in regular activities. So, you can easily use it for your day-to-day activities.

JanSport Superbreak Backpack has all the essential features of a good commuter backpack.
It’s not a travel-giant, but offers a huge space for all your stuffs. You can fit everything you need for your everyday life.

Features a padded back panel for comfort and convenience. Also includes a media sleeve with the front accessory point specially for your gadgets.
You can also use JanSport Superbreak Backpack as a laptop bag. Fits upto 15″ laptop. Also fits binder.

The fabric is amazingly durable, lasts for several years even after a heavy use. So, you can easily use it for heavy books and longer period. The zipper system is sustainable.
The bag contains large storage space that can expand to a certain level for stashing all the accessories in one place.

Also have enough space to insert lunchbox and water bottle.
Suitable for both boys and girls. Intended for school use. But you can use it anywhere if it’s convenient enough for your purpose.

If you want a commuter backpack with hydration features, Camden Gear Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack water bladder is a certain item for you.

Camden Gear Hydration Pack is manufactured with company’s selected Rip Stop Nylon Material, which makes it both abrasion and water resistant. Perfect for rough usage.
Amzing storage system and perfect for your gadgets. Has large compartments for clothes and electronic devices. Side pockets are convenient for extra stuff. You can fit laptop upto 12″.

Don’t worry about body fitting. It fits almost anybody, all you have to do is just adjust shoulder and chest straps. Don’t worry, these straps function easily. Suitable for both man and woman. And the bladder feature, of course, the main attraction of this backpack, supplies you enough water on your long trails.

High quality material has been used in making of the tube. So you can use it without worries. Keeps the water cool. Also features a screw cap for adding ice cubes. Easily cleanable. So, whether for twirling around or occasional hiking, you can rely on this bag anywhere you go.

Do I actually need to use any magic word to describe the backpack? It’s Adidas! You know how famous they are for their fabulous accessories, which also includes commuter backpacks. And Adidas Stadium Team Backpack also carries the same tradition with it.

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack is actually intended for soccer practise, but you can use it as your regular backpack. Convenient features for comfortable carrying. Shoulder straps are extra padded to lessen the load over your shoulders.

Comes with convenient storage system. Main compartment features a mesh pocket. A zippered ball pocket is attached to the bottom front pocket. You can also take extra care of cleats with the advantage of cleat compartment.

Polyester material has been used for the backpack’s fabric. Which makes the backpack water resistant and protects your accessories. You can also pack your snacks if you want.
Well, this amazing bag is not prohibited for you if you’re not a soccer player, all the features are still convenient for every other people, even those people who don’t like soccer.

CamelBak  Hydrobak Hydration Pack is basically made for long trails and hiking purpose. But you can easily use it in other places as well.

Nylon material has been used in manufacturing to make the pack water resistant. Well, the pack is water resistant, but it has a great reservoir for your drinking water supply. 1.5L Antidote hydration bladder is great for hygienic drinking water. You can put ice cubes too.
Not ideal for bigger gadgets, but you can easily fit your small cellphone in the front pocket.

The bladder is easily removable and cleanable. Suitable for both man and woman.
But it’s barely a storage bag, so you can’t carry your stuffs around. However, it’s ideal for regular hiking and cycling. Clean it regularly and it’ll last longer.

Jansport has been around for decades and it has some really amazing products that are worth mentioning, and JanSport T501 Superbreak Backpack is surely one of their popular items.

JanSport T501 Superbreak Backpack is fashionable and convenient. Ideal for your campus use. Polyester material has been used in manufacturing for longevity and strong fabric, so you can easily use it for long term.

Has wide storage space. One main compartment and the front pocket are sufficient enough to fill all your campus needs. You can fit all your books and notebooks here, along with your gadgets. Yeah, that means your cellphone or Ipod…..or both. Has organizers to fit all your things properly by assembling them in a proper order. Has sufficient room for snacks and water bottle. So, you can have everything you want in one backpack. Holds things up to 25 liters.

Comfortable for carrying. Features padded shoulder straps and padded backpanel for convenience.

JanSport T501 Superbreak Backpack has all the features to be your perfect campus backpack. Also comes with a lifetime warranty. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Osprey Packs Pixel Daypack is an ideal backpack for your daily use since it’s modified for holding almost all kind of gadgets. You can get the advantage of using your devices everywhere with this backpack. ‘Cause it has enough room to fit your gadget no matter what the size is.

The fabric material is perfect for gadgets. Clean line and warm fabric protect your gadgets from water and maintains the temperature inside.

The most amazing thing is that it features a ‘port’ pack which enables you to use your tab or phone inside the pack.

Comes with three compartments. Main compartment has sleeve for booklets and magazines. Backpanel compartment is actually intended for laptops upto 15″. Lower compartment comes with a removable PowerHouse™ cord for your gadgets. You can also use it for smaller accessories and extra cables. Features padded shoulder straps and top grab strap for comfortable carrying advantage. You can easily rely on Osprey Packs Pixel Daypack for carrying your gadgets everywhere you go.

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is a pro hiking backpack, but also compatible for regular use anywhere.

The exterior is manufactured with water repellent coated Nylon material to prevent light rain. Features waterproof cover to protect your things during heavy rain.
Has enough space for sufficient storage. Has several compartments with internal and external pockets to fit things of different sizes. Also features a padded laptop compartment for laptop upto 15″. The whole backpack is 50 liters stuff worthy.

Convenient and comfortable carrying system. Features thick shoulder straps for shoulder convenience and mesh ventilation system to increase breathability. Has padded hip straps for comfort and to prevent bouncing of the backpack. Includes compression straps too for maintaining the load and making it comfortable for carrying.
Comes in seven different colors. Suitable for both man and woman.

Comes with Six Months’ Warranty.

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is quite good choice for commuter usage.

Gonex 35L Lightweight Packable Backpack is an ideal commuter backpack for regular use.
The backpack is manufactured with quality nylon material which makes the pack tear and water-resistant. You can zip from both sides. The SBS Metal zipper lasts longer than average because of the abrasion-resistant quality.

Gonex 35L Lightweight Packable Backpack has enough storage for everything you need. There are several compartments to organize your things properly with mesh side pockets for water bottles. Space is 35 liters stuff worthy. You can fit your laptop too.
Mesh shoulder straps enable comfortable breathing,
It doesn’t just hold enough space, it saves too. Fold it into zipper pockets and unfold again whenever necessary.

Has One Year’s Warranty.

Gonex 35L Lightweight Packable Backpack offers everything you need in your commuter backpack.