8 Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes Review

Single-speed (or fixie) bicycles are an incredible method for getting around for those effortlessly confounded by cogwheels and brakes and such, and the fashionable person kickback is as yet heaps of tomfoolery.

What Is a Single Speed Bike

A Single speed bike there is just single stuff, these bikes are among the most straightforward of bikes since they don’t need derailleurs, shifters, twofold or triple-chainring cranksets that will get you to and from class for your entire school vocation since there are far fewer parts to fix or supplant.

What is a Fixie Bike?

“Fixie” is short for “fixed-gear”, Single-speed (or fixie) bicycles are an incredible method for getting around for those effortlessly confounded by cogwheels and brakes and such, and the fashionable person kickback is as yet heaps of tomfoolery.

What is a Flip-Flop Hub?

There is a single machine gear piece on one or the other side of the center, containing a freewheel, meaning it permits you to drive without moving your legs. The opposite side is a decent gear-tooth, the back tire would drive the pedals around when you quit accelerating.

Maybe riding fixed can be something to work up to or maybe it’s not really for you by any means. Highlight with a flip-flop center point on your bicycle, you can eliminate the back wheel(S-to-N), flip it around(N-to-S), and once again introduce it. Drifting or not, it’s altogether your decision.

All things considered, practically all of the single-speed bikes are outfitted with a flip-flop center point.

Single-Speed Vs Fixed Gear

Basically, single-speed can drift, fixie can’t. Fixie bicycles without freewheel so that should keep accelerating at whatever point the bicycle’s moving, for the most part depending on the pedals in reverse strain to control their stop.

Fixed gear isn’t all that great in heavy traffic, however incredible for a shut climate, track, or velodrome. For fixed-gear bikes should assist people who need to foster a superior pedal stroke.

Single-speed bicycles are brilliant for city riding, not need abilities, the vast majority benefit from their usability.

They are incredible for cruising around the roads or preparing. It’s not difficult to limit the fixed-gear frenzy as trendy person nonsense. These bicycles fit the bill, yet are not sufficiently conspicuous to draw in cheats.

Investigate the 8 Best Single Bikes the market as of now brings to the table. Those bicycles are a portion of the tomfoolery and responsive bicycles worth each dime. Likewise, you can put front and back bumpers or holders.

#1 State Bicycle Co Pulsar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike

State Bicycle Co Pulsar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike

Pulsar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike is the best single-speed mountain bike available in the market right now. This bike is well equipped with all the necessary high-quality components.

First of all, this bike has an exclusive geometrical framing that is uniquely designed by the esteemed artist, Dustin Klien. The design of this mountain bike beautifully integrates graphics in the whole body frame.

There are two models of this mountain bike, one is a rigid bike and the other is a hardtail. The distinctive features are the availability of upgraded brakes, cranks, and front suspension in the Deluxe.

Both models are single geared. For easy conversion of to geared bike, cable guides hardware is additionally provided in the packaging.

Here is a catch, all the mighty features that this mountain bike has to offer come at an expensive price. But it is surely worth the expense. As all such bikes are four times more expensive than this one, with the same quality.

As the rush and enthusiasm of the cyclists have increased to rode the bike in such difficult terrains, so are the prices of the mountain bikes have peaked. Nevertheless, this bike still falls in an affordable range.

#2 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

No worries if you are low on budget, and have to fix your fitness or track needs on as low a budget as possible. The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike is available in the best affordable price range.

You can get this bike in $250. This fixed-gear track bike is affordable for all. Catering the kids, and adults single-handedly, this bike is given a wide range of sizes to choose from.

If you are a style freak and looking to get a head-turner bike, then with a wide range of sizes and colors, the Fixie is there for you! Keeping the black color in common the fixie is available in 4 different colors, all set to rock exclusively as per your personality.

This bike is extremely easy to assemble, and anyone with a little knowledge of assembly can do it perfectly. Its rear and front brakes are easy to remove, and the ride is super smooth and swift.

The geometrical framing of this bike ensures upright and easy positioning of the rider. With such framing, this is a lightweight one-speed bike that is of good quality and fulfills all the basic needs of the rider excellently.

#3 Fortified City Commuter Theft-Resistant Single Speed Bike

For everyone out there looking to get a high-quality bike, adorned with great features, this bike is another good option to have. The Fortified Theft-Resistant City Commuter Single Speed Bike is one of the best commuter bikes available in the market.

This bike suits perfectly for an experienced commuter as well as a newbie. This single-speed hybrid bike has just been featured on top FOX, NPR, and CNBC, and has held the position of being the top most talked bike for this year. Well, surely a much-deserved achievement.

With a surety of smooth, swift, and theft-resistant ride on the road, this bike is a definite option to ride in the cyclocross. It has puncture-resistant tires that restrain the tires from being flat.

Surely a sigh of relief for all the cross competitors. This black beauty is superbly stylish and its geometrical framing is specifically designed to cater to the commuter.

Adding another great feature to the list, this bike is rust-resistant and has a body of aluminum with an extremely easy-to-handle weight. Its rust-free feature is best suited for the urban style.

In my opinion, this bike is all set to give a swift ride on the city roads.

#4 State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike

State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike

The State Bicycle Co. are famous for their exclusive range of fixed gear bikes and single speed bikes, which are immensely unique, and produce in limited quantity. These bicycles are produced in a wide range of colors. Its availability in such an amazing loss of color palette ranging from subtle to sparkling makes it easily customizable.

Talking about the strong framing, the Chromoly frame (a kind of steel) is superbly lightweight. And the framing exceeds in quality from any other highly tensile steel framing. The handlebars, Bullhorns bar are made of aluminum alloy and are wrapped up with long lasting tape.

Both front and rear brakes are available in the set and ride at a smooth pace with a front brake. Their limited production surely makes the owner a proud rider of his own, exclusive bike, truly depicting his distinctive style and aesthetic approach to colors.

Overall, this is the single most attractive, aesthetically appealing, and high-quality bike to ride on. Such a smooth and swift ride on the road at such an affordable price surely makes it a popular pick by enthusiastic bikers. With so many great features it’s the best single speed track bike available in the market.

#5 SE Bikes Draft Lite Single Speed Bike

SE Bikes Draft Lite Single Speed Bike

Noting that down, the SE Bikes Draft Lite Single Speed Bike is a 1-speed bike that has all the great features jumbled up in one product. This bike is an urban track-inspired cycle that is not only stylish but also durable, strong, and lightweight.

Whether you are a city commuter, a competitor, a fitness freak, or a cyclist enthusiast, it’ll be a perfect choice for anyone. This appreciatively cool bike is particularly attractive for the young lads in their 20s.

The 28mm tyres remove some of the harshnesses but there’s no life in the frame. But anything bigger than pebbles you probably is hit because the bike is on-road.

#6 Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

An ultimately fashionable and chic look, with a comfortable upright seating position and strong frame, this Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike is definitely a women’s choice. Fixie bike is specifically attractive for a city commuter, and every bike enthusiast who wants a combo of fashion and quality.

Its elegantly simple geometrical frame is made of high tensile steel (fully welded), giving it strength and durability. It offers a wide range of framing options, gearing choices, geometrical approaches, and colors.

This bike allows an extremely easy shift from single speed to fixed gear with the availability of a flip-flop back wheel. The only issue is with the seat, as the seat is quite comfortable and soft but it is not very suitable for long-distance destinations.

If you’re a simple guy that wanted a simple bike for simple transportation to go to school, this urban single-speed performs well on campus and around the city!

#7 Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

Well, one of the most affordable tracks back and fully loaded with all the must-have features, Critical Cycles Classic single gear road bike is great for all. The fixie bikes for sale at cheap prices have made the lives of newbies and those who can’t afford expensive bikes.

This bike is built for track and training with 700x23c tires. Bullhorn bars not only give you room, but the horns allow you to move even further up and forward when climbing giving the rider the best possible leverage when pedaling uphill.

This posture encourages you to ride hard and fast and more aerodynamically, while narrower tires reduce rolling resistance, and riding fixed encourages faster acceleration.

The whole look of this track bike is alluringly attractive. Its frame has all you need, horizontal dropouts, water bottle mounts, BMX pedals, bullhorn handlebars, and others.
It is pretty lightweight, but not that much. But it sure feels solid and quality-wise great.

With optimization of urban riding style, this single gear road bike is perfectly equipped with V rims and easy flip-flop back wheels that allow the shift from single speed into fixed gear smooth.

On the whole, this track bike is all set to charmingly make its mark on the roads. At such a cheap price and discount, this bike is sure a must-have.

#8 Gravity 650b Single Speed Disc Brakes Mountain Bike

Gravity 650b Single Speed Disc Brakes Mountain Bike

If a bike is available at an exceedingly affordable price, then it surely is a dream come true. There are a few fundamental points that must be fulfilled including smooth speed, upright positioning, comfortable seat, extremely capable brakes, power, and lightweight.

Here, Gravity 27.5 Single Speed Disc Brakes Mountain Bike has all such advantages mount up in a single bike. This is one of the best single speed mountain bikes that have highly beneficial geometrical framing. And it isn’t very heavy which makes it extremely easy to handle and operate.

If you are a big fan of 650b bikes, then this Gravity 27Five is superbly suitable for you. Comparing it with other bikes available in the market, this one has surely stood up to the mark and showed a great many features against them. One of the basic crucial things for a biker is the effectiveness of the bike on the road.

With the availability of a highly functional Disc brake, this bike has incredible stopping power. Such brakes allow the bike rider to apply way lesser force than usual till the bike comes in a halt position.

This bike has kids’/women’s size range available, making it generally suitable for everyone. The front suspension fork is not that great for rocks, but with such a cheap price, this is more than enough.

On the whole, this bike delivers baggage full of a great many features in such an affordable price.

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