The chopper balance bike is designed for children who are more than two years old. The bike does allow them to easily, safely, and naturally learn the motor and balance skills necessary for biking without necessarily relying on training wheels.

This pedal-free, two-wheel Chopper Balance Bike allows children to run the bike along before eventually learning how to coast with their feet up. Several studies have shown that this natural and child-oriented approach to biking does help children develop the confidence required to effectively balance the bike while moving.

As the child grows more confident with their forward motion, they slowly start to lift both their feet off the ground and start balancing as the bike moves forward, if the bike starts to fall, the kid quickly regains his or her balance by simply dropping their feet to the ground.

This does also liberates kids from the rather boring and tiring crutch of training wheels, allowing them to bike earlier.

Chopper Balance Bike Product Features

Chopper Balance Bike Product Features

Chopper Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Chopper Balance Bike is a one of the best on our balance bike List.


The bike is built for comfort with young kids in mind, lending itself to imaginative play and biking with its fun motorcycle cycling styling. It does also have a cushioned leatherette seat, comfortable rubber grips, and a relatively limited steering radius so as to prevent instances of jack sniffing.

This feature of comfort does make the bike a natural favorite with kids from the onset, making it easy for them to successfully use it to learn how to bike.

Safe to Use

The chopper smart balance bike is fitted with pneumatic wheels which provide a much softer and yet more resilient ride for the kids. Further to the above, the wheels are equipped with much longer valves which make it much easier to safely secure the pump to the tire.

The wheels are also spoke-less making them very safe since this does significantly reduce instances of a kid’s small leg getting caught when in motion.


A chopper balance bike is also well constructed, quite durable, and relatively easy to transport. With dimensions of 27 by 16 by 5 inches and a shipping weight of 11.2 pounds do ascertain this fact.

This makes it easy to store, easy to carry, and quite lightweight for even a 2 + year old kid. This does make it easy for the young one to comfortably handle the balance bike and have lots of fun while at it.

Beautiful and Colorful

The bike does also comes in child-friendly colors. This makes them readily acceptable by many kids from the onset, making it very easy for them to integrate the balance bike into their day-to-day living.

This has the positive effect of making children are eager to learn and appreciate biking as a hobby or enjoyable and safe activity.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Construction

The balance bike does also prides itself on having sustainable and eco-friendly construction. The smart balance bikes are made from mature birch wood that’s been ethically harvested from a replenishable source.

The bike is also built and fitted using paints that are categorized as non-toxic. They are also fitted using formaldehyde-free glue as well It is also important to note that even the carton the bike is packed in is made from recycled paper and printed using water-based ink printing.


  • Quite versatile, can easily handle weights of up to 60 pounds
  • It does have a uniquely made and integrated carry handle
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Customer service behind the product is also quite excellent is testimonials from satisfied clients is anything to go by
  • The balance bike is also quite affordable as well


  • Some people complain about the not so clear assembly instructions which are contained in the package
  • There are also complaints regarding the size of the back, some users find it a tad too big for their two-year-olds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Bike Difficult to Assemble and Do You Need Special Tools?

A: No The bike has very few parts and the instructions are quite easy to follow as well You don’t really require special tools to do the installation. A screwdriver and a spanner are all you need to have.

Q: What’s the Difference Between this Balance Bike and Traditional Toddler Bikes?

A: Traditional toddler bikes usually don’t train a child how to ride a bike, they simply offer support. The training wheels don’t allow the child as much opportunity to feel the actual feel of the emotion-driven balance of two-wheel biking.

Final Verdict

This is, without doubt, one of the best balance bikes currently in the market. It is sturdy, easy to transport, and very durable. Fitted with adjustable saddle and seat heights, the balance bike can be used by children aged two years and above, this does imply that the bike can grow with your child.

It is also quite affordable and the customer care from the manufacturers is quite excellent, to say the least. When compared against other balance bikes, the chopper balance bike does positively stand out from the rest.