Have you been worried about which balance bike to select from the variety in the market? Do you want your kid to have a balance bike that is not only beautifully simple but also safe and more practical? Let your worry subside!

Well, because the latest “Balanced Bikes” will automatically come to your rescue! Balanced bikes are bicycles that are uniquely designed to teach toddlers the basics of bike riding.

A variety of bikes fit different children of different age groups. However, we bring to you a few rules that you need to adhere to while choosing the most ideal balance bike for your child. Take heed and go through the rules so that you pursue the best for your beloved.

Guides to Buying A Balance BikeBalance Bike

1- Check the Quality

Before you make a hasty decision, ensure that you have checked the frame of the bike. Is it made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum? Most other materials are not quite advisable to use because they may not be as sturdy as you expect and probably not fit your expectation. The steel frame holds more weight but they have a propensity to rust.

The other thing to note is aluminum has a low weight limit and composite bikes may not have the ability to adjust the height. Therefore, always select a bike that combines the best of each version.

2- Check the Height of the seat

Before you purchase a balance bike for your toddler, check the height of the seat. Is it easily adjustable? Can your child be able to use the bike for a long period of time? Wooden bikes do not have the ability to adjust the height which makes you pull down that category!

A bike that has an adjustable height saves your time and spares you the trouble of fighting with complex bolts. Children usually have short attention spans; therefore taking your time to adjust the height may prompt the child to find something more eye-touching to do!

3- Check the Weight Capacity

You will always require a higher weight limit for your little one depending on how old he or she is. Therefore, you need to consider how much weight you want the bike to carry based on the size and age of your child.

You should never exceed the limit as this could cause injury to your kid if the bike is not intended for the kid’s weight. You also need to consider the weight of the bike. The bike should be at least 20% of the child’s weight so that it can have the ability to carry the bike by itself.

4- Check the Tires

There are a variety of tires for balance bikes and the best being standard air, honeycomb, EVA foam, or extra-cushioned air. These tires have different benefits that you need to consider as a parent.

The foam tires are resistant to puncture and are light, solid rubber tires have great traction, honeycomb tires are not only resistant to punctures but also provide traction, standard air tires have better cushion which is good for the children and the extra cushioned air tires provide cushion but have less traction. As a parent, you need to take every minute detail into consideration.

5- Check the Brakes

If you desire an extra-stop mechanism for your child, brakes are an awesome idea. Some balance bikes, however, lack brakes. For very small children, it can be quite tiresome to use the traditional bike brakes but as they grow older and become ready to use a two-wheel bike, this will assist them to get used to the traditional bike they have been using all along.

It also permits them to +develop a better way of discontinuing the bike without necessarily having to put their feet on the ground. Checking the brakes is thus, very important too.

6- Look At the Footrest

Another main aspect to check is the footrest. The footrest has an anti-slip grip on it that assists your child in resting their feet and be less concerned about accidentally putting their feet to the ground.

The footrests are of different categories. Others will be below the seat on whichever side of the frame while others have a large base in front of the seat in which the child can put both feet together. What you choose should depend on the taste and preferences of both you and your kid and what is easier for the kid.

7- Check the Handlebars

Always look for a balance bike that has handlebars that are extremely easy to grip. This means that they should be kind of rough to aid the child when holding them and not slide their hands off the sides.

Most of such bikes have a longer end so that your child’s hands stay attached to the bar. A slight knobby texture is going to allow them to ride comfortably and longer and at the same time protect the kid. This is something you should ponder especially if you want to purchase for your small child who finds it hard to grip.

8- Warranty

Always check out for a good warranty that can last at least a couple of years.  There is less likely that the bike can be of help after your child grows up, but if you may be saving for another kid or relative, a good warranty is a way to go.

A good warranty would also mean that you can easily return the product and acquire a new and better one if you find that the product does not suit your kid or if anything breaks or ceases to operate as it should.

9- Price

When wanting the best for your child, price is the last thing to put in mind. I know that you do not want to purchase something that is very pricey but the factors I highlighted above are far more important if you want to acquire the most extraordinary balance bike for your child.

Still, you need to be comfortable with the price set and any costs involved. Remember that there will be good bikes of different price ranges but do not settle your decision on only the price. Contemplate and make a rational choice!

Final Verdict – How To Choose The Best Balance Bike For Your Kids

It is my hope that this detailed buying guide has helped you in various ways.  These are the main points that you need to put in mind before actually buying a balance bike for your little one.

It is my hope that I have completely narrowed down to you all the vital points you need to figure out to get the best bike for your child. Balance bikes are a great way to go and your child will really enjoy riding on them and it makes it very easy to teach your child what they actually need to do.