How to Clean Bike Tires

Cleaning your bicycle’s tires is one of the most crucial aspects of guaranteeing that they are consistently in excellent condition. Before you go to an auto retail location to purchase costly cleaning items, you need to familiarize yourself with home cleaning alternative items that can deliver similar results.

In this article, you will get in-depth data on the best way to clean tires, tire cleaning items, Tires’ parts to be cleaned, and how to keep tires clean.

Steps on How to Clean Bike Tires

Here is how to clean your bicycle’s tires.

Utilize a Specific Cleaner

Get any specific tire cleaner in the hardware shop. Ordinary cleaners like Comet can function admirably to eliminate earth and staining on the tires, yet they can dry out the tires simultaneously, prompting premature wear. You should never use cleaning items containing liquor or chlorine bleach as well.

For the best outcomes, select the best cleaners for white tires, such as Simple Green.

Wet the Tires and Cleaning Pad.

Utilize an SOS cleanser cushion for regular washing of whitewall tires. Wet the tires with a hose, and ensure you clean the SOS pad.

Apply the Cleaning item

In case your tire cleaning item is in a splash structure, shower it straightforwardly onto wet tires. However, if it is fluid, blend the item in a pail with water. Splash your SOS cushion in the blend.

Scrub Tires Thoroughly

Make sure you scrub your whitewall tires vigorously. The cleaning’s adequacy is similarly dependent upon the extent of scrubbing and products utilized. When the work is too difficult to even think about handling all alone, enroll the assistance of a companion or relative

Rinse Off your Tires

Ensure your tires are rinsed at regular intervals as you wash them to perceive the extent of their cleanliness. Once again, apply the cleaning item and proceed till you are happy with the outcomes in the wake of rinsing. Upon scrubbing the tires clean, utilize the hose for a thorough cleaning.

How to Whiten the Tires

Tires are exposed to the earth on account of their utilization. After cleaning them, it is essential to brighten them to upgrade their look and life span. Here is how to brighten the bicycle tires.

Utilize Baking Soda

To use baking soda, sprinkle it onto a damp material. Wipe your whitewall tires’ outside in slight, round movements. Rinse the tires and fabric clean, and reapply baking soda after every few minutes until you are satisfied.

Attempt Eraser Cleaning Pads

You can use eraser cleaning pads to brighten your tires. To achieve this, wet the pad and tires. After that, wipe the tires down in roundabout movements. For best outcomes, ensure that the pads between the tires are rinsed.

Use Sandpaper to Eliminate Difficult Yellowing.

If tires stay yellowed after diligent cleaning, use dry sandpaper to sand the top layer of the white part. Ensure that the yellowed layer is wiped away until a radiant white layer arises under it. After that, rinse the tires clean with the hose.

Top Tips for Maintaining your Bike Tires

Here are the tips for maintaining your bike tires.

Clean them Weekly

To clean your whitewall tires, set aside time to wash them regularly. Utilize whitewall tire cleaner, water, and a cloth or wipe. If you do weekly cleaning, it is advisable to use a gentle soap.

If there is a hard-to-remove stain, utilize a more grounded whitewall tire cleaner and scrub pad.

Use Tire Dressing

In the wake of cleaning whitewall tires, utilize a water-based dressing to give your tires sparkle and shield them from hurtful UV beams. Buy the dressing and a froth utensil for it in the car division of most retail chains or on the web. Apply the froth to the applicator and wipe it onto your tires evenly until the ideal impact is reached

Give them Abundant Space in Storage.

If you want to store your whitewall tires, give them sufficient space with the goal that they don’t need to incline toward one another. This may make the dark elastic of the tires rub against the white elastic, smearing them. If you need to lean the tires against one another, ensure that they are separated with plastic sheeting or stored in singular packs.

Cleaning Tires Utilizing Different Household Products

Before you consider cleaning your tires, it is fitting to discover the best family cleaning choices that can work for you. Here are some DIY directions on the most proficient method to clean your tires with family items.

Cleaning Tires with a Borax Solution

To clean tires with a borax solution, you require Borax, warm water, a brush, dish cleanser, and lemon oil. To begin, you should add 1/2 cup of borax to 1 can of warm water. This borax arrangement will be utilized to clean the entirety of the tires on your vehicle.

A borax solution can be utilized effectively with a brush that is adequately hardened to do decent scour work. With a decent brush, you can clean off the entirety of the soil and debris that gathers between the sections of each tire and on the surface, as well.

Cleaning Tires with Vinegar

Vinegar is ideal for cleaning a wide range of surfaces. It is a standard item that individuals utilize constantly. Vinegar is also a perfect cleaning agent for some reasons, including cleaning oil from your tires’ surfaces. Here are a few directions that can help you with doing a decent job.

Blend one section of water and one section of vinegar to make the cleaning solution for your tires. You can pour this combination in a shower jug to make the positions simpler. For example, when the splash bottle is filled to the edge with this vinegar and water arrangement, splash the tires’ entirety, let the solution sit on the tires for a couple of moments, and clean the fluid off afterward.

Utilizing Lemon Oil

Whenever you have gotten each tire dry with a piece of dry fabric, you can utilize the lemon oil from your natively constructed unit to shine up the tires. Lemon oil applied to each tire will spark a smooth look that makes the tires look fresh out of the plastic new.

Cleaning Different Parts of Bike Tires

Here is how to clean different parts of bike tires.


By cleaning the cassette first, you’ll avoid moving any oil from it onto your just-cleaned edge, tire, and spokes. To oust any development of grime between the gear-teeth, utilize the toothed finish of Park’s GearClean brush.

After that, clean the tape machine gear-pieces hold the wheel level with the tire against yourself on one side and against the divider or workbench on the other. This puts the cassette looking up and permits you to hold the wheel with your body, leaving your hands free. Incline toward the wheel to keep up the steady pressing factor, or you’ll drop it.


When the cassette is clean, ensure you center on the hubs. Start by cleaning the axles’ closures, since that is the place where you may discover some oil and grime that will spread if you don’t wipe it off. Cleaning with a cloth will generally deal with it rapidly. Or on the other hand, if it has some muck developed, go at it with the brush first to get in the difficult situations and afterward clean off with the cloth.

With plate brake bicycles, you’ll need to clean the rotor and behind it, as well. Furthermore, when clean, please make certain to review it for indications of wear. Your slowing down relies upon rotors in excellent condition. If you see profound depressions or recognizable diminishing, it very well might be the ideal opportunity for another rotor.

Spokes and Nipples

Quality wheels utilize hardened steel spokes, which will not rust. Yet, they will, in any case, get earth, residue, and grime from the chain lube. Wipe them down with the wipe and soap water. Note that spokes have more than one surface. Spokes generally cross different spokes, as well. Consequently, take as much time as necessary to guarantee you’ve cleaned all surfaces of each spoke.

Edges and Tires

Utilizing the wipe and foamy water, clean the base and sides of the edges and the tires. Clean the edges starting from the wheel’s side, push the wipe in the middle of the spokes, and clean each part all around the wheel. After that, return and hold the wheel while running the wipe around the two sides’ edge. This cleans all surfaces of the edge.

Likewise, if you have edge brakes, check the sides of the edges for wear. If the edge has a profound section in the slowing down track, it’s most likely an ideal opportunity to supplant the edge. Furthermore, take a look at the tire track and sidewalls for indications of hair loss, packaging appearing on the other side, or sidewall failures like stone damage — and replace them if necessary, as well.

Bear in mind that you can clean your bike tires at any time because you have known how to clean them.

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