Are you worried about your child (2-5 years old) getting hurt as they train bike riding? Every parent worries about this There are cases where children have gotten serious bruises and it is not wise to keep them off the bikes. The best idea is to get them a safe bike that will teach them to balance, coordinate, steer, and be independent.

A Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike – Wooden should be your choice. Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bikes are meant to give your child a perfect starting point for ridding any conventional two-wheeled bike. They have no training wheels or pedals. Your child will just kick off the ground as if they are running which results in them pushing the bike and themselves forward.

With a Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike, your child will be perfect in bike balancing, steering, coordinating, as well as independence. The bikes are totally safe, and you won’t have to worry about your kid toppling over.

Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike – Wooden  Features

kinderfeets chalkboard balance bike

Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Kinder feet wooden balance bike as one of the best on our balance bike List.

Adjustable Parts

These bikes have adjustable, washable, cushioned seats combined with a low step through the frame accommodating the youngest balance bike riders.

Also, the bikes have a handlebar position that encourages a healthy posture to maximize comfort.

Your child will enjoy being on the bike even for longer periods as it is all comfortable. Its several seat heights make them ideal for kids with different heights.


It is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike are handmade. They are made from fast-growing birch trees and every tree used in creating a bike is replanted.

Their wheels are biodegradable and adding to their competitive prices, these bikes make a great example of eco-friendly products taking environmental concerns seriously.

Chalkboard Finishes and Multiple Colors

For kids, this kind of finish is simply awesome! It allows your child to personalize their bike by decorating as they want. They can paint it to bring out their personalities or how they feel then show it off to their friends.

A bike can never be so excited to have! The manufacturers designed the bikes with your kid’s interest at heart. You can get a color that best suits your child’s personality.

Wheels with No Spokes

The advantage of this feature is that your kids cannot get their feet or hands stuck in them. The kinder feet bikes are Dutch-inspired.

They are low, placing your child’s feet near the ground makes them feel safe and in fact, they are always safe! They are solidly built from durable wood material, and their non-inflatable tires add to their durability.

Simply put, the kinder feet bikes’ tires are totally maintenance-free! Also, these bikes are easy to set up because they come with no tiny parts.

Foot Pegs

These help your child position his/her feet correctly for cruising while preparing them for pedals. What makes the Kinda feels balance bikes stand out from the rest is that they are the only and best wooden balance bike on the markets containing a strategically positioned footrest.


  • 100% safe for kids’ use They are stable and comfortable.
  • Durable as they are made from durable wooden materials.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Multiple colors are available.
  • Footpegs are positioned for easy and quick preparation for peddling.


  • The only con about the kinder feet bikes is that they lack a sharp turning, but this is not a problem for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the Seats Adjustable?

Yes, they are.

What is the Ideal Age for Kids to Use this Bike?

2-5 years will do.

How are the Tires?

Kinderfeets wooden balance bike’s tires are EVA airless.

Final Verdict

Bikes are always on every child’s wish list, and it’s never too early to act them one However. The Kinderfeets Balance Bike is definitely a strong and agile bike that will make your kids riding fun and comfortable.

This lightweight, smooth, and safe bike will accompany you on your kids with different adventures, and it ensures that you will have consistently great performance.