The Ripper Balance Bike by Vilano is an awesome bike that will help your child ride without any kind of assistance. He will pick up a training bike much easier after using this one because he will be used to balance this product. Since a kid will focus on balance, he will learn even faster how to ride a bike down the road.

Since the Vilano Ripper Balance Bike is a very sturdy machine, any kid will get the aid they need in their initial stage of learning to ride on a bike. This item features a metal construction which makes it even better than any wooden bike on the market. As this item has a girlie color, the Ripper Balance Bike by Vilano just fits the bill for any little girl out there.

If you have been looking to set your beloved child out to learn how to ride on a bike without any kind of training wheel, this is the item you should buy today. As you can adjust the height of this bike quite easily. This will keep the value of the item intact as your child grows.

Vilano Ripper Balance Bike Features

Vilano Ripper Balance Bike

Vilano Ripper Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features. We put Ripper Balance Bike by Vilano is a one of the best on our balance bike List.

Easy to Assemble

This bike is not only easy to assemble but also great for kids due to its flat-less tires. The Vilano Ripper Balance Bike is suitable for toddlers as they will be able to ride on it on grass or on a drive.

Though the materials this bike is made of might not be the best in the world, it will do the job for your kids anyway.

Because this item is low to the ground, kids will not get scared in any way. This lightweight bike will arrive on time, though you might not get the right user’s manual.

Outstanding Performance

The Vilano Ripper Balance Bike does what it is supposed to do, and it does it very well In addition, this item’s price is fair. Once your child gets the hang of this bike, he won’t stop riding on it Do you want to give your kid an astonishing gift for his birthday?

If so, the Ripper Balance Bike by Vilano can be that gift. Even though this item is not a road machine, your children will learn two to balance a bike quickly and easily.

Nice Bike

This item is so nice that you will be able to assemble it in no time, and your children will love it Though the bike doesn’t have a great footrest, your kids will adore this product. As the tires seem to be made of rubber not plastic, you might feel a little bit disappointed.

Short Learning Curve

Your kids will learn to ride on the bike in no time, as its learning curve is very short. This product is like any real bike out there and it is also very easy to lift.

In fact, the Vilano Ripper Balance Bike might replace many training wheels out there, and your child might be prepared to ride on a real bike in no time Though the bike doesn’t have a kickstand. Your kid will manage to ride on this item successfully anyway.

Awesome Bike for Kids

This bike is suitable for kids older than 3 years old as the item has some choking parts. This is the proper bike to buy if you want your children to have a truly easy transition to any pedal bike out there.


  • Sturdy bike.
  • It will work as you expect.
  • The item is very light to carry as it’s made of some sort of plastic.


  • The quality of the wheels might disappoint you
  • The handlebars might not stay tight.

FAQs on Vilano Ripper Balance Bike

Can the Bike’s Seat go Down Just Low Enough for a 1.5-Year-Old Kid to Ride on it?

We aren’t sure but it should fit the bill.

Is the Bike Tall?

It doesn’t seem quite tall but a 4-year-old boy can ride on it

Final Verdict

The Vilano Ripper Balance Bike is a great no-pedal bike for almost any kid out there. Since kids can put their feet on the running board, they don’t need pedals. Your children will be “flying” around your home as they start to have tons of fun with this bike.

With foam covers on its handlebars, the Ripper Balance Bike by Vilano is a good bike. Anyway, some people won’t like the wheels because they are made of some foam material looking somewhat cheap.