You can watch your child undergo all the transformation stages, from being a toddler to a big kid with YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike. The award-winning bicycle is brilliantly designed for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years.

The bike offers 3 rear-wheel transformations that offer a superior level of balance for your curious child. You can bring the rear wheels together before removing the front pedals so as to create a coaster bike that’s helpful for children who want to learn how to achieve balance in a natural way.

The bike’s seat can be raised and lowered to create a comfortable and safe fit for the child. The bike helps your child grow not only physically, but also developmentally. Although assembling the bicycle takes effort, you will find it a little easier assembling.

YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike Features

ybike evolve ride-on balance bike

YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is a one of the best on our balance bike List.

Strong Aluminum Frame  

There are many awesome reasons why the manufacturers of the bike opted to use aluminum. It’s light in weight and cannot get rust. It’s also quite strong hence it can accommodate the growing weight of the child.

With the combination of molded plastics, there is no doubt about its ability to support more than your child’s weight. Moreover, the adjustable rubber wheels suit the requirements of children of different age groups. As they grow, you can adjust the wheels to suit their heights.

Huge Carrying Capacity

YBIKE Evolve has a massive weight carrying capacity of 110 pounds. As your child grows, he or she will add on weight and the huge capacity will give you the confidence that the bike will be safe for him or her to use. At times, toddlers may grow fast and add on weight, and having a strong bike to help them learn to be confident helps them a lot.

Choice of Colors

YBIKE Evolve Ride Bike is available in several colors: black, white, and red. No matter what color interests you the most, you will most likely find a bike of your preferred color.

Adjustable Plastic Seat

The reason why the plastic seat is adjustable is to make it possible for you to use the bike when your child continues to grow.

As it is the norm, an 18 months old toddle requires a shorter seat to ride a bike than a three-year-old kid. This feature is important because as your child continues to grow, you will not need to buy a bigger and more comfortable bike.

Excellent Design

The design is done to allow your child to transition with ease from the Evolve to the normal pedal bicycle. This version of a bicycle is more fun to ride and helps with the child’s physical development.


  • The bike is of good size, with dimensions measuring 20W by 30L by 21H inches.
  • The bike can be adjusted and be used when the kid grows therefore helping to make the riding experience more memorable.
  • There are three back-wheel configurations or positions that are available.
  • It is suited for different ages of children, from one and a half to five year’s olds.
  • You can account for your child’s physical growth with the adjustable seat.
  • The bike offers many awesome features at a pocket-friendly price.
  • In some instances, you enjoy free shipping.


  • It takes some effort to install the bike perfectly well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it Possible to Use Petals in the Two-Wheel Configuration? 

A: As per the manual, pedals can only be used in a three-wheel configuration. If you take a close personal look, you’ll realize that this makes sense.

Q: Are the Petals Permanently Fixed?

A: No. They can actually snap in and out and can be used in any of the bike’s three-wheel configurations.

Q: Is the Bike Shipped Fully Assembled? 

A: No. It’s shipped in parts and you will need to assemble it on arrival. It will take some little work to have it assembled, but the available manual will help.


YBIKE Evolve Bike is quality and a feature-rich bike that’s designed to help toddlers grow into kids with confidence. The adjustable seat serves the unique needs of kids from the age of one and half years to five years.

The cost is affordable especially if you take into account the kind of features that Evolve offers. Moreover, there are various colors of the balance bike that are available.

Ordering the bike online is a breeze and whenever you need help, you can talk to dedicated customer care representatives who will be available to offer a helping hand.