Are you wondering how to introduce your toddler to the fantastic world of biking? Worry no more. The YBike Balance Bike is here to help you. YBike, an American company, introduced this award-winning bike to the market. This eye-catching bike is the right tool to help your child gain confidence on the pedal bike.

It is the best bike for teaching children the difficult art of balancing and coordination. They learn this while having great fun and excitement. Children are automatically attracted to YBike by the unique look of motorcycle design and the bright colors.

It has no pedals and a child has to push with one foot on the ground. Children will of course love this. It gives toddlers stability with the wide double wheel at the back. YBike Balance Bike is a good toy for both in and outdoors.

For Whom is the Product?

This award-winning and attractive YBike Balance Bike is ideal for children between the ages 2 to 4 years.

Features and Components of YBike Balance Bike:

YBike Balance Bike

YBike Balance Bikes are designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put YBike Balance Bike is a one of the best in our Product Type List.


Fitting the front wheel further in front of the handles is a precaution. It gives the child a wide turning space. This is a safety measure taken to prevent the child from tipping over when tackling a curve.

Children are excited when they lean sideways while turning. The wide double wheel at the back makes this possible and protects the child from injuries. At times toddlers run over their own feet with the back wheel.

In the YBike Balance Bikethe seat covers the back wheel and protects the feet. The large wheels give this bike the needed clearance from the ground. It is for this reason that makes this bike tough to endure any terrain.

Plastic Mould:

The YBike Balance Bike consists of plastic mold in a frame, wheels, and all the other parts. This plastic is strong and compatible. It is long-lasting and does not easily break.

The nature of the plastic makes the wheels endure rough terrain and hard surface. The plastic is not heavy and so is the bike. This is good for the toddler who must keep lifting and carrying the bike around. The risk of injury from the smooth plastic is also minimal.


This bike is fitted with a strong, durable frame with high-quality molded plastic to take care of weak points. The design is unique and the curves are nicely finished to protect injuries.

The finishing is carefully done and of high quality. These safety measures are enough to prevent injuries as the child learns balancing and coordination.

Light Weight:

Strong and enduring as it is, this bike is quite light in weight. It weighs only 8.3Ibs. Children are able to lift and carry the bike around as they play.

Parents do not have to hang around kids to help them around. This gives children confidence that they can ride and take care of the bike on their own.


  • The bike is light
  • The plastic mold is strong
  • The back double wheel is strong
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Can be used in any terrain


  • Plastic wheels
  • YBike Tilt
  • Steering columns and wheels are stiff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. For Who is the Bike Ideal?

A. The YBike Balance Bike is ideal for children aged between 2 to 4 years.

Q. Are the Wheels Made of Plastic or Rubber?

A. The wheels are made of strong molded plastic and can withstand rough terrain.

Final Verdict:

The YBike Balance Bikes safe enough to help beginners learn the techniques of balancing and coordination. The motorcycle design used in this balance bike gives children fun and excitement. The wide double wheel at the back allows the toddler to have the feel of a real motorcycle.

This feeling comes to life with the side-to-side leaning when taking turns. It is the best toy that will entertain and teach your child at the same time. The price is quite reasonable. Do not hesitate to buy a YBike Balance Bike for your toddler.