Are you looking for an affordable high-quality bike for your little toddler? YBIKE has got you covered. The manufacturer has released yet another one of the next-generation balance bikes that will give your little toddler a great experience as they learn how to balance called the TOYNI.

This is one of the latest and most cute of the YBIKE designed customarily for children as young as 1-year-old. The YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike is a 2 in 1 kid balancing the bike.

The rare wheels of this awesome bike are designed into two positions to adjust the balancing from basic for very inexperienced kids to advanced balancing for those kids that can balance well. With this variation, the bike is designed to cater to all little ones. In no time your little kids will be balancing pros.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

The beautiful well built and light YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike is designed for young kids between the ages of 1 to 3 who are learning how to balance.

Features of the YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike:

ybike toyni unicycle balance bike

The YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike is well designed to satisfy the needs of little kids learning to balance just as much as assure their parents of safety for their children. YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers.

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Blow Molded Plastic Frame:

The first thing that will catch your eyes on this bike is the molded plastic frame. This bike is well built with a blow-molded plastic frame that is brightly colored and attractive to kids.

The plastic material is also very light in weight, ensuring the safety of your child. YBIKE is also aware that children tend to dirtify their toys. The bike is therefore built with plastic for easy cleaning.

Unique Rare Wheel:

This unique wheel is well designed to offer your child a chance to learn how to balance gradually, from basic position to advanced position. The wheel will enable your little toddler to adjust the steadiness needed when balancing at all positions.

Well modeled for kids of between 1 to 3 years, this bike’s rare wheels will help your kid develop professional steadiness in no time.

Cute Looking Design:

This great bike is not only created for efficient functionality, it is also appealing to the eye. Be sure your kid will love how cute it looks. They will just fall in love with it.

The YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike comes in a range of colors, perfect as a gift to any kid out there. Whatever color your little one loves, be it blue, pink or green, it is all covered.

Durable Model:

When you go shopping for a bike or any other product, it is always wise to consider its durability. Well, the YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike is made of molded plastic which is long-lasting.

It will serve your kid from one all the way to three years and beyond. This bike is very durable. You will actually buy it just once and it will be used even by your younger kids when the one you bought for grows up.

Small Manageable Size:

Kids aged below 3 years need a bike that is small enough and manageable. It is for this reason that YBIKE designed the Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike in a small size that is very manageable for any little toddler. The bike has very lightweight. You can actually let the kid use the bike on their own and they will manage it very well.


  • The rare wheels are well designed to help kids learn how to balance faster.
  • It is cheaply available, every parent can afford it
  • It is very durable; you don’t have to buy it again and again.
  • Very good and manageable size for your kid below 3 years


  • Not good for bumpy terrains because of small-sized rare wheels
  • It’s too small for a child beyond 3.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Durable is this Bike?

A. Depending on how it is used and the surface on which it is ridden, this bike can last for years

Q. Children of What Age Can Use this Bike?

A. This bike is suitable for young kids below three years due to its small size.

Q. Are there Warranties?

A. When you buy it online there are no warranties, it is wise to contact the manufacturer or your supplier.

Final Verdict:

The YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike is a great ride based on the unique design of its rare wheels and small manageable size. It is also light in weight making it suitable for kids.

It is the perfect partner for your kid’s development because it helps them to learn how to balance very fast. This balance bike also comes at a relatively affordable price, looking at its durability. It is worth purchasing for that little toddler.