Yeti Bikes: Which Yeti Mountain Bike Is Right For You?

The yeti bikes are one of the most famous bike brands. It was founded in 1985. There are man bike types available in the market, but the main focus of Yeti is to construct a bike that performs outstandingly on the smooth and rocky trail. In other words, the most famous cycles of Yeti are race bikes and mountain bikes. If you plan to buy a bike for racing and mountain riding, you should be considered the yeti bicycles.

According to our riding experience, the yeti bike is good, so I decided to help you choose the best yeti bikes. Many models and designs have different features such as :

  • Race Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Endure Bikes
  • Hardtail Bikes

What is the Yeti Enduro Bike?

The yeti endure bike is similar to mountain bikes. These have a front suspension system. It used to ride on mountains and rocky paths.

Race Bikes

Commonly race bikes are known as lightweight and high-performance machines. These bikes are very professional, and also experienced riders drive this bike. It is designed to give high performance and many advantages to win the race and competition. The main focus of Yeti is to create race bikes so that there are many race bikes are available on the market Yeti.

  • SB 150
  • SB 115
  • SB 165
  • SB 140
  • SB 130

What Does MTB Stand For?

The Mountain bikes are also known as MTB.

Mountain Bikes

The mountain bike is also designed for riding on rocky paths. Yeti designed mountain bikes for those people who want the best ride on rocky trails and mountains. These bikes are mostly built with carbon metals that make them lightweight and high-performance.

  • ARC Bike
  • ARC 35 TH


How Much do Mountain Bikes Weigh?

The average mountain bike’s weight is about 30 pounds. It is neither light nor heavy but average weight enough to give high performance on mountains and rocky paths.

Where are Yeti Bikes Made?

The yeti bike is an American bicycle manufacturer company. The main headquarter

This company is situated in Golden, Colorado. But don’t worry about its distribution of bikes in many countries. Many online stores help you to buy a yeti bicycle.

Are Yeti Bikes and Yeti Coolers the Same Company?

No! These are not the same company. Yeti coolers and yeti bikes are not the same companies.

SB 150 Bikes are Best from Yeti Bikes

After Yeti launched the SB150, it sent shock waves throughout the new loyal fan base. Some cheered happily they’d finally have the ability to mount a drinking water jar at the front triangle. Others were so miserable to observe precisely the normal, curved contours of their prior models, just such as the SB-5.5 go. What’s stayed is now your Change Infinity connection.

The significant trickle of this linkage slides down and up to some railings groups since it experiences its traveling, hence making a digital battle line. Much like Yeti’s bicycles, the SB150 can be found inside their signature turquoise. Nevertheless, you might also put it into a subtle gray. Yeti provides a framework in two grades of carbon fiber — aside from the gap between weight and price, and the frames are equal.

Even the component of this 8,490 bicycle is nicely researched and operational. You receive yourself a 150-millimeter dropper pole around the magnitude M and also a 175 mm onto exactly the magnitude L — perfect! There’s nothing to mistake about the FOX mill suspension, so SRAM CODE r sc brakes and X 01 Eagle drive-train possibly, nevertheless we’d have favored a much more impressive 200-millimeter rotor over the rear.

Jonathan Tim
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